Iranian Christian Fellowship (ICF) in London is one of the oldest and largest Iranian churches outside of Iran. ICF was established over 25 years ago and played a very significant role in the educating of Iranian christian ministers and teachers, along with training of evangelists among the Iranian Christian community outside Iran.

This Church has always been helpful to the Farsi spoken residents of London, to be more effective the church often arranges weekly bible study in small home groups in all areas of London. One of the home groups with the largest number of members used to be held in Barnet located in North of London on a weekly basis. The number of members of this particular home group has increased to the point where Church Leaders and Rev. Edward Hovsepian have decided to start a local church.

North London Iranian Church (NLIC) was founded in 2004 with one weekly session on each Wednesday. NLIC has attracted many Farsi and Urdu spoken christians of North and North West London. In 2012 the church decided to be governed independently and to hold its main service each Sunday.

Every sunday believers and church members along with their families and friends from different areas of North London are attending the service.

North London Iranian Church is a non-denominational, protestant and evangelist church. Our aim as a church is to take God’s Word to understand its relevance for us and reaching out in meaningful ways to friends and families with the good news of Jesus Christ. We are committed to being a church that grows, making and maturing disciples, meeting together in large and small groups to learn from the Bible, to encourage and motivate one another, and being equipped to serve and we as a evangelist church are committed to both challenging and attractive to our community and demonstrating practically the love of Christ, addressing everyone with a clear biblical perspective on the issues of the day, and sending out people to minister to our world.

We believe that we have been called by our saviour Jesus Christ to know him and to introduce him and the good news to others. We welcome everyone who are eager to know more about Jesus Christ our Saviour and God.

North London Iranian Church implements various ministries to better serve our members. In addition to the various departments within our church, our ministries include Children’s Ministries, Family Life Ministries and Youth Ministries. If any of these services are of interest to you and your family we warmly invite you to participate in our Sunday Worship Service. If you wish to learn more about the eternal truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to worship and fellowship with Christians, join us. We believe that the God of miracles is willing and able to answer our prayers in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. In addition, during the services we hold educational programs for children and adolescents.

There are a few ways you can contact us, please do let us know of your suggestions and recommendations and we will get back to you as soon as one of the ministers is available.

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